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52nd edition

Mesto na zemle

Fortnight 2001, Feature film, 2h06


The film describes the life of homeless people who form a community in the center of modern-day Moscow. It relates the story of six couples who love each other and try to remain together despite the poverty and despair of their existence.


Artur Aristakisjan

Artur Aristakisjan was born in 1961, in Moldova. From 1988 to 1993, he studied in the Moscow Film School (VGIK), workshop of Aleksandr Kochetkov. His diploma film was Palms (Ladoni). He lives in Moscow.

Anna Verdi
Roman Atlasov
Vitaly Khaev

Artur Aristakisjan, Irina Shubina

Grigory Yablochnikov

Kirill Vasilenko

Nataliya Topkova

Robert Wyatt

Production :
Boris Ajrapetyan
ABA Studio
Russie Ministère de la Culture
tél. : (7 095) 229 1096
fax : (7 095) 229 7731

Title in Original Version : Un endroit sur terre, A Place on Earth