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52nd edition

Messages, Messages

Fortnight 1970, Short film, 28'


A journey of the psyche into the world of the unconscious. Made when Wiese and Arnold were students at the San Francisco Art Institute, the surrealistic film is influenced by Dali, Bunuel and the German expressionists. The film was premiered at the St. Regis Hotel in New York by Salvador Dali and invited to Director’s Fortnight at Cannes.


Steven Arnold

He is an artist who exercises his birthright, which is the expression of his own particularity of vision. A vision thrust forward by the agitation deep beneath the recesses of his chthonic cave. The cave ceiling lined with broken bits of reflecting devices in which we see new angles of men, of women, of glamour, angels, beauty, sex, fabrication, androgyny and exultation. – Ellen Burstyn – A favorite model and friend Ellen Burstyn, Steven had said « She saved me repeatedly with her encouragement and support; she showed me Rome, we wept together at the Vatican. »

Ruth Weiss

Prod. Nocturnal Dream Shows 3345 17th Street San Francisco, Cal. 94110