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52nd edition

Même pas mort

Fortnight 2007, Short film, 0h16


Chloe is ten years old. She plays soccer, spits, never cries and she can’t stand other girls, the crybabys. One day, Marie, a pretty and perky little blonde girl, takes part for the first time in the games Chloe plays with the boys. Her femininity unsettles Chloe’s self-confidence and the balance of this little group of children.


Claudine Natkin

Claudine Natkin directed Pilou, a fantasy short, upon completing her studies at La fémis. The film was shown in many festivals in France and abroad. She then made two films for the 20th anniversary of the VU agency, on photographers Aniu and Claudine Doury: Dazibao and La Peur du loup. She has also worked as a cinematographer and camera operator on fiction and documentary films. She is currently writing her first feature.

Chloé Jager Berger
Marjorie Piat
Marty Simeon
Renaud Gouyet

Claudine Natkin

David Chizallet

Antoine Corbin

Albertine Lastera

Brice de Margerie

Set decoration
Anne Procoudine

Production :
Aurora Films
16, rue Bleue
75009 Paris

ventes à l’étranger / foreign sales :
Kazak Productions
16, rue Bleue
75009 Paris

Distribution :
Kazak Productions