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52nd edition

Megfelelo Ember Kenyes Feladatra

Fortnight 1985, Feature film, 1h38


The Right Man for a Delicate Job is a political drama about the relationship between the individual and authority or, more precisely, about the dilemma of the individual who wonders wether or not he should play the game of authority, and how to preserve the integrity of his own personality. Apart from this general outline, this film is the reconstruction of a career and a personal evolution taking into account all the ambivalence that implies. It is also a personal story, about which it is easy to generalize and which for this reason remains anonymous, whose model belongs to 20th century and to its rationalist word full of doubts and anguish. Janos Kovacsi


Janos Kovacsi

He was born in Budapest and was a teacher at the University. He got interested in theater. In 1975, he started studying direction for cinema. He’s been working at Mafil studios since then.

Anna Feher
Beata Tyskiewicz
Boguslaw Linda
Esho Salminen
Ferenc Zenthe

Janos Kovacsi, Juha Vakkuri

Miklos Jancso Jr

Eva Palotai

Matyas Varkoniyi

Production : Mafilm Studio Objektix, Budapest, Hongrie Vente à l’étranger : Hungarofilm, Budapest, Hongrie

Title in Original Version : L'homme idéal pour une mission délicate