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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Mean Creek

Fortnight 2004, Feature film, 1h27


Set in a small Oregon town, a rag-tag group of troubled-and-not teenagers set out on a boat trip to celebrate the birthday of their youngest member, secretly part of a plot for playful payback against a local troublemaker. Cracks in the crew begin to form when some of the teens have second thoughts about what they are about to do. The teenagers face stark moral decisions that will haunt their lives forever.


Jacob Aaron Estes

Jacob Estes began writing and filmmaking while attending the University of California, Santa Cruz. Graduated in film directing at The American Film Institute, he has been selected twice at the Eugene O’Neill theatre Center’s National Playwrights Conference under the artistic direction of Lloyd Richards. He won the Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting for the script of Mean Creek. He recently adapted the novel Nearing’s Grace for director Rick Rosenthal.

Carly Schroeder
Josh Peck
Rory Culkin
Ryan Kelley
Scott Mechlowicz
Trevor Morgan

Jacob Aaron Estes

Sharone Meir

Lance Brown

Madeleine Gavin


Set decoration
Greg McMickle

Production : Whitewater Films 2232, South Cotner Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90064 États-Unis tél: +1 310 575 5800 fax: +1 310 575 5802 ventes à l’étranger : Focus Features International 417 Canal St 7th Floor NY 10013, New York États-Unis Tél : +1 212 343 9230 Fax : +1 212 343 7412 Distribution : Metropolitan Filmexport 29, rue Galilée 75016, Paris France tél : +33 (0)1 56 59 23 00 fax : +33 (0)1 53 57 23 10