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52nd edition

Mathias Kneissl

Fortnight 1971, Feature film, 95'


Kneissl is the Robin Hood or Butch Cassidy of Germany. Also Ringsgwandl made a song on him. Kneissl is a true anti-establishment figure a film can artfully reflect on. One of the main characters of German anarchy. The movie is also for those who like to see Bayrhammer, Schygulla, Mattes, Schlöndorff during their younger years. Kneissl was a robber who was executed after a brutal manhunt in rural bavaria. As a folk hero he was supported by the local farmers, which made it difficult for the 100+ policemen to get on him. There is a certain history of 18th century anarchy and weird characters in southern Germany, which are legends and always were admired by many young people.


Reinhard Hauff

Reinhard Hauff, born in 1939, studied literature and sociology in Munich and Vienna. He then staged plays for several university theaters. From 1966, he directed a lot of documentaries and shows for television (Cinderella Rockefella, Wirb Pder Stirb, Wilson Picket (1968), Janis Joplin (1969), etc.). He worked as an assistant director for Rolf von Sydow, Heinz Liesendahl and Michael Pfleghar. In 1973 he founded the production company Bioskop Film together with Volker Schlöndorff and Eberhard Junkersdorf.

Alfons Scharf
Eggert Langmann
Eva Mattes
Franck Frey
Friedrich Fettinger
Gustl Bayrhammer
Hans Brenner
Heinz Klopp
Irm Hermann
Jackel Ehl
Kelle Riedl
Kurt Paetz
Kurt Raab
Peter Müller
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Ruth Drexel
Volker Schlöndorff
Werner Klieb

Martin Sperr Reinhard Hauff

W.P. Hassenstein

Prod : Bavaria Atelier Gmbh
8022 Grünwald