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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1978, Feature film, 1h30


1960. The date is only the indication of a period wich is neither today, nor yesterday. It is just an ordinary day, suspended in an apparently happy and concluded time. Imperceptible monstruosities are produced in this preserved « eden » . If the daughter gets well, the mother ebcomes ill, if the mother becomes ill, the daughter feels guilty, if the daughter feels guilty, the mother devours her. In the family paradise, there is a « neo » past which makes us monstruously cannibal. Nourisher and devourer, the mother is Queen and Victim of her own reign. Symbolic figure, an abstract representation of a forgotten love story, the mother unconsciously expresses her repressed desire through daily metaphors. I would like to try to find again, through this narrative, an old « forgotten memory » : that body which was the « first love », and in that body there is for us, women, a fragment of our identity. Giovanna GAGLIARDO


Giovanna Gagliardo

After working as a writer for «Il Giorno» and «Tempo Illustrato», and working on the cultural columns of «Il Messagero» and «La republica», Giovanna Gagliardo, born in 1941 near Turin, started writing for the screen and wrote the scripts of the TV show « La vita è romanzo», then for cinema, on «L’amica» and Nelo Risi’s «Una stagione all’inferno». She then became director Miklos Jancso’s assistant before directing herself several documentaries like «Passi nella memoria» and «Cinecittà». In 1978, she directed her first long feature, «Maternale», selected at the Directors’ Fortnight, then, in 1980, a TV film, «Il sogno dell’altro». In 1983, «Via degli specchi», her second cinema long feature, is presented at the Berlin Film Festival. «Caldo Soffocante» is her third long feature.

Anna Maria Gherardi
Benedetta Fantoli
Carla Gravina
Francesca Muzio
Marino Mase

Giovanna Gagliardo

Giuseppe Lanci

Roberto Perpignani

Stelvio Cipriani

Production : COOP. AATA – PANTHEON 1e FILM, Rome