52nd edition

Maria Von Den Sternen

Fortnight 1989, Feature film, 1h30


Some weeks ago, I saw Kieslowski’s film A Short Film About Love. I saw in it a great many similarities to my film Maria Von Den Sternen. So there are ideas and tendencies that even if they are not in the street, they are at least floating in the air. This means that the points in common and the parallels may not seem be pure chance. Now, it does seem to me that this theme of voyeurism that our films have in common is not at all pure chance. It also seems to me that certain precise infetious illnesses create a move of communication – and through it of imaginary – towards voyeurism, either by restricting it or by enlarging it. That is perhaps an aspect of the future that is as painful as it is positive. Thomas Mauch


  • Eric Schildkraut
  • Heiko Deutschmann
  • Isolde Freitag
  • Katja Junge
  • Malte Jaeger
  • Michael Lot
  • Robert Duessier


Thomas Mauch, Eva Hiller

Thomas Mauch

Michael Sombetzki

Bettina Böhler

Christoph Oliver


Production : Thomas Mauch Filmproduktion, Hamburg, RFA ainsi que Hamburger Filmbüro et Hamburger Film-Fond Vente à l’étranger : Metropolis Film World Sales, Zurich, Suisse

Title in Original Version : Marie des étoiles