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52nd edition

Manue Bolonaise

Fortnight 2006, Short film, 45 min


The lives of two girlfriends, both sixth-graders. Manue is in a hurry to leave childhood behind her. She has passing love affairs with boys, gradually neglecting her best friend Sophie, who doesn’t really want to grow up


Sophie Letourneur

Sophie Letourneur came to film ?by ricochets?, as she puts it. As part of her applied arts studies (in Duperré, then in the video department of the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs), she produced visual works that mingled photos and texts, then made experimental films and documentaries. After an amateur film, Voltigeur, she directed La Tête dans le vide, her first short film. Accumulating bits and pieces of reality, lingering on the anodyne and using it as the basis for her cinematic style, such is her approach.

Juliette Wowkonowicz
Louise Husson

Sophie Letourneur, Agathe Robilliard, Emmanuelle Lambert

Nicolas Duchêne

Antoine Corbin, Nicolas Paturle, Manuel Maury

Michel Klochendler

Maxence Cyrin, Loan Rathier, Fred Theze

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