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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1974, Feature film, 1h15


In « Manifest », I want to show how an average citizen protesting against a fascist regime is compelled to go underground, without being able to avoid the dictatorship constant manipulation, and how he fails to accomplish his mission and eventually dies because of his lack of political training.
« Manifest » scrupulously avoids all the superficial tricks of the thriller genre, as well as violence and torture, to denounce the mean intelligence of an authoritarian power that masterly uses manipulation.
In the meantime, the film is conceived as a call for a new political conscience, and seeks an answer to how an underground revolution against a dictatorship can succeed, when the regime is smart enough to use emotion as a tell tale sign for rebellion.
Antonis Lepeniotis


Antonis Lepeniotis

Born in Greece in 1932, he moves to Austria in 1957. He works in theaters as set designer and actor. After being Elia Kazan’s assistant, he directs documentaries and experimental films for television, such as « Melina Mercouri », « Mikis Theodorakis », and « Mykonos ». His feature « The Net » (1968) was detroyed in Czechoslovakia ; « Alkeste » (1970) was shown at the Paris Unesco film archive, and in New York for the opening of the Metropolitan Museum film archive.

Brigitte Antonius
Dieter Schrage
Gérald Florian
Günther Hauser
Nora Gray
Peter Garell
Ulrich Schlulenburg

Gotthard Böhm, Dieter Schrage, Wilhem Diem

Mazur Mahdavi

Production : CINECOOP FILM