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52nd edition

Manha Cinzenta

Fortnight 1970, Short film, 25'


A couple is arrested and tortured after taking part in a political demonstration, being sentenced to death.


Olney A. Sau Paulo

Father of Irving São Paulo and Ilya São Paulo.Olney São Paulo was probably the only director arrested and tortured just for making a movie. In 1969, he was in Viña del Mar, Chile, for a festival, when two students kidnapped a plane and headed for Cuba, where they exhibited the film they had taken along with them: « Manhã Cinzenta ». The military dictatorship in Brasil arrested the director, and besides losing his bank job, he was forced to deliver all the copies and negatives. For a long time, it was considered a « lost » film. But a copy of it was kept in secret under a different name in Rio’s Museum of Modern Art.

Janete Chermont
Maria Helena Saldanha
Sonélio Costa

Prod. Santana Filmes S.A.
Rua Gal. Cristovao Barcelos
65/301 Laranjeiras Rio

Title in Original Version : Matinée grise