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52nd edition


Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h25


Shaun spins between chaos at home, hanging round the mall with his mates and girlfriend, small time crime, ditching school, avoiding his youth worker. His dad is just out of jail and Shaun’s hoping that things are about to get better. Wrong. As his world tips further off its axis, Shaun realizes that he is the only one who can change his life. Mallboy is a universal story about the difficult decisions that jolt you out of adolescence and face you towards adulthood. Ready or not.


Vincent Giarrusso

He founded in 1991, with Glenn Bennie, LOVERS group; he wrote lyrics and made four clips. He headed Mainstream Recordings. He writes poetry. He also worked for TV and the Melbourne Theatre Company. Mallboy is his first feature film.

Brett Swain
Brett Tucker
Kane McNay
Maxie Rickard
Nell Feeney

Vincent Giarrusso

Brendan Lavelle

Philip Brophy

Mark Atkin

Vincent GiarrussoGlenn Bennie

Set decoration
Brian Alexander

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