52nd edition


Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 57


Once upon a time, there were men who cared very much for what they did. They worked hard and loved the work they did. Mac is a story about one such man and the brothers that he loved. Mac is born a builder. He dreams that some day he will be free to build the right way: his way. He tells his brothers the story of Romulus and Remus, how they built a civilization. They like the story, they join together and set out to build on their own. They work hard and long hours. Mac rages… at the workers, his brothers and God. No one understands him really, except his wife, because she knows all that’s inside him. He has one friend, his accountant Clarence, but he has no time for friendship. And he works. Against the odds, he builds for houses with his brothers. There’s money. Thanks to Mac there’s some money. His two brothers whom he loves like himself make trouble. They fight like Romulus and Remus. They split up…


  • Carl Capotoro
  • Ellen Barki
  • John Amos
  • John Turturro
  • Katherine borowitz
  • Michael Badalucco


Brandon Cole, John Turturro

Ron Fortunato

Billy Sarokin, Dan Sable

Michael Barenbaum

Richard Termine, Vin Tese

Set decoration
Robin Standefer


PRODUCTION : Tenenbaum/Goodman RCA/Columbia VENTE A L’ETRANGER : World Films


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