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52nd edition

Ma 6.T va crack-er

Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 45


Arco, malik and Mustapha are what’s called “devils”. Sixteen-year-olds. Not much parental support, failing grades at school. They spend their time hanging out together or working off excessive social pressures on other kids in their projects. Djeff, J.M., Pete and Hamouda are older. Between 20 and 26 and unemployed. They knock around the projects, their main poles of interest being girls and the clashes with nearby projects. The neighbohood’s seething tensions explode during an eagerly-awaited evening of hip-hop. In the night club parking lot, a shoot-out erupts between the older boys and youth from another projects, while at the same moment, the younger boys, refused entrance to the club, let off stem by setting fire to a car. The police step in. A cop opens fire. Malik falls dead. The local kids react. It’s a riot…


Jean-François Richet

He grew up in Paris suburbs. He wrote and edited the first movie he directed, in 1995: Etat des lieux was nominated for César of best first film and shown in international festivals like Avoriaz, Sarasota for example. He won Cyril Collard Prize in 1996. He directed two other movies he also wrote and edited: Ma 6-t va crack-er and De l’amour, shown in Cannes and other festivals. He produced two albums with 2 Bal -2 Neg. He produced KRS-One, B-Real etc Assaut sur le central 13 is his first American film. In 2008, he directed L’instinct de mort and L’ennemi public n°1, with Vincent Cassel.

Arco Descat C.
Hamouda Buras
Jean-François Richet
Jean-Marie Robert
Karim Rezeg
Malik Zeggou
Mustapha Ziad

Jean-François Richet, Arco Descat C.

Valérie Le Gurun

Eric Boisteau

Jean-François Richet

White & Spirit

Set decoration
Frédéric Vialle

PRODUCTION : Why Not Productions 102, rue du Faubourg Poisonnière, 75010 Paris Tél. : 01 53 20 04 56 Fax : 01 53 20 02 06 Actes Prolétariens La Sept Cinéma avec la participation de Canal + et de TF1 International VENTE A L’ETRANGER : TF1 International 305, avenue Le jour se lève, 92656 Boulogne Cedex Tél. : 0144 72 92 30 Fax : 01 44 70 90 70