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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

L’ultimo Giorno Di Scuola Prima Delle Vacanze Di Natale

Fortnight 1975, Feature film, 1h40


A film about resistance to fascism and nazism may seem to be a political act, particularly today when we see tragic fantasies materializing and coming true and real. I did not intended to make a political film – I rather tried, as always, to achieve a poetic work. Obviously, my film has a political background and thus is a positive political action in its way.
The structure of the film may too appear unusual : I used a technic which to my opinion, would better express the increasing of tension communicated to the audience by means of « visceral » suggestion – the facts actually already create this tension, as we can feel all along the film that tragedy is imminent.
The use of flash-backs have not only an explanatory end, but also tend to break the rhythm in order to give the film a metrical progression, almost like a rhyme.
The film is structured like an « upside-down » pyramid, its summit being the gleaming point of the candle on Athos’ bedside, and the wide, alarming bottom – the end of the film.
Gian Vittorio BALDI


Gian Vittorio Baldi

Born in Bologna in 1930, Gian Vittorio Baldi created an independant production company, the IDI Cinematografica SA. He directed his first long feature in 1972 : « La Notte Dei Fiori ».

Delia Boccardo
John Steiner
Lino Capolicchio
Luca Bonicalzi
Macha Meril
Riccardo Cucciola

Gian Vittorio Baldi

Emilio Bestetti


Title in Original Version : Le Dernier Jour D'école Avant Les Vacances De Noël