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52nd edition

L’Orphelin d’Anyang

Fortnight 2001, Feature film, 1h14


A prostitute from China’s Northeast (Manchuria), desperate and unable to make ends meet, abandons her baby. An unemployed factory worker decides to take the child in order to make 200 yuan monthly in child support promised by the mother. A local gangster wants to take the baby when he learns that he is dying, hoping to have a descendant. Three different lives, three different fates, with their different backgrounds and experiences, try to survive at the bottom rung of Chinese society. (None of the actors in the film is professional.)


Wang Chao

Born in China ( Nanjing ), he worked for many years as a factory worker like his parents. He studied journalism, started writing and travelled all over China. He was a film critic when he was a student at the Pekin film Academy. He worked in advertising then as an assistant director; he wrote thre short novels and a fourth one and made his first feature film: Anyang orphan.

Sun Guilin
Yue Sengyi
Zhu Jie

Wang Chao adapté d’une de ses nouvelles

Zhang Xi

Wang Yu

Wang Chao

Set decoration
Wang Chao

Production :
Fang Li

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Wang Chao (Chine)

Title in Original Version : The Orphan of Anyang