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52nd edition

Lone Star

Fortnight 1996, Feature film, 2 h 17


“Lone Star” is the story of a sherif in a Texas border county trying to unravel the mystery of a murder commited 37 years ago, with his own father as the prime suspect. The film deals with the unique charcter and history of the border, with its burden of often bloody history. Sam is a man ambiguous about his search for the killer of a notorious rednack sheriff who made life hell for the residents of Frontera, Texas, in the 50’s. Charley Wade, the shoot-first lawman murdered decades ago. Sam’s search takes him to both sides of the Rio Grande and into the various communities that make up Frontera – Mexican-American, Anglo, African-American, and he ends up finding more than he bargained for…


John Sayles

He was born in schenectady, near New York. After studying at William College in Massachusetts, he had jobs, started writing short stories and novels. He became a famous screenwriter. He wrote screenplays of Piranha and The Howling, of Joe Dante, Lady in Red and Alligator of Lewis Teague for Roger Corman’s production company. In 1980, he shot his first feature film, Return of the Secaucus 7; it had a great success in the USA. His second film, Lianna, was shown at the Semaine de la critique. Matewan was shown at The directors’ Fortnight. He made other feature films and also worked for TV, wrote various novels and essays. He performed in many films.

Chris Cooper
Clifton James
Elizabeth Pena
Frances McDormand
Joe Morton
Kris Kristofferson
Matthew Mc Conaughey
Miriam Colon
Ron Canada

John Sayles

Stuart Dryburgh

Clive Winter

John Sayles

Mason Daring

Set decoration
Dan Bishop

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