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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

L’Ombre des femmes

Fortnight 2015, Feature film, 1h13


Pierre and Manon are poor. They make documentary films without a cent and they get by with odd jobs. Pierre meets a young intern, Elisabeth and she becomes his mistress. But Pierre doesn’t want to leave Manon for Elisabeth – he wants to keep them both. One day Elisabeth, Pierre’s young mistress, discovers that Manon, Pierre’s wife, has a lover. And she tells Pierre. Pierre’s attention turns back to Manon because she’s the one he loves. And because he feels betrayed, he beseeches Manon and neglects Elisabeth. Manon breaks it off with her lover right away. There’s a good chance that’s because she truly loves Pierre.


Philippe Garrel

Philippe Garrel directed his first film Marie pour mémoire in 1967. Influenced by Jean-Luc Godard and the Velvet Underground, he directed Nico, the Rock icon, in the cult film La Cicatrice intérieure, in 1971. He has directed more than 25 films, which often relate to the youth of the 60’s protest, to which he belonged.

Clotilde Courau
Lena Paugam
Stanislas Merhar

Jean-Claude Carrière, Caroline Deruas, Arlette Langmann, Philippe Garrel

Renato Berta

François Musy

François Gédigier

Jean-Louis Aubert

Set decoration
Manu de Chauvigny

Production :
SBS Productions
29 rue Danielle Casanova
75001 Paris – France
T : +33 1 45 63 66 60

Coproduction :
Close Up (Suisse)
Arte France Cinéma (France)
Radio Télévision Suisse (Suisse)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Wild Bunch
99 rue de la verrerie
75004 Paris – France
T : +33 1 53 01 50 32

Distribution :
SBS Distribution
T : +33 1 45 63 66 60

Presse nationale / National press :
Magali Montet
T : +33 6 71 63 36 16
Assistée de / Assisted by
Jonathan Fisher
T : +33 60 28 84 59

Presse internationale / International press :
Magalie Montet
T : +33 6 71 63 36 16
Assistée de / Assisted by
Delphine Mayele
T : +33 6 60 89 85 41

Title in Original Version : In the Shadow of Women

Press release

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“Philippe Garrel au top” /// So Film

“A filmmaker in full command of the medium” /// Variety

“A work of considerable feeling and intensity” /// The Hollywood reporter

“A brilliantly stylized black and white film” /// Mubi

“Une entrée en matière qui a valeur de profession de foi admirable” /// La Libre Belgique

“Clotilde Courau est formidable” /// Libération

“Un film magnifique” /// Slate

“Très beau film” /// Politis

“Une Quinzaine à l’ombre des auteurs” /// Le Monde

“Rencontre avec une comédienne transformée” /// Allocine

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