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52nd edition

L’Odore del sangue

Fortnight 2004, Feature film, 1h40


Carlo and Silvia live together in Rome in the fashionable « Parioli » quarter. He doesn’t hide the fact that he’s having an affair with Lou, a young woman he sees in the country, and he doesn’t mind Silvia being pursued by other men. But when Carlo realizes that Silvia is attracted to a young man she describes as being uneducated and violent, the couple is caught up in the deadly spiral of a sexual melodrama.


Mario Martone

Born in 1959, Mario Martone began to work in 1977 and founded the Falso Movimenti theater company, with which he staged productions that combined theater, cinema and the visual arts. In 1991, he directed his first feature film, Death of a Naopolitan Mathematician which won the Jury Grand Prize at Venice. Founder of the Théâtre Unis, he has made many shorts and documentaries and filmed numerous stage productions, including the Teatri Uniti manifesto, Rasoi. He has been directing the Teatro di Roma since 1999.

Fanny Ardant
Giovanna Giuliani
Michele Placido

Mario Martone adapté de “L’odore del sangue” de Goffredo Parise

Cesare Accetta

Mario Iaquone

Jacopo Quadri

Set decoration
Sergio Tramondi

Production : Bianca Film Via F. Lampertico, 7 00191 Rome Italie Tél : +39 06 3296 791 / 631 Fax : +39 06 3296 790 co-Production : Mikado film (Italie) Arcapix (France) Babe (France) ventes à l’étranger : Studio Canal 1, Place du Spectacle 92863 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9 France tél : +33 (0)1 71 35 35 35 fax : +33 (0)1 71 75 11 98

Title in Original Version : L'Odeur du sang