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52nd edition

Little Baby Jesus of Flandr

Fortnight 2010, Feature film, 1H14


When the three beggars Suskewiet, Pitje Vogel and Schrobberbeek are tired of their poverty and hunger, they decide to sing some Epiphany on Christmas Eve. Their little plan becomes a triumph and they sing themselves rich. On the way back to the pub however, they get lost in the woods and witness the birth of Little Baby Jesus. Bedazzled by this miracle, they decide to give away all their gifts. When next year Christmas is around, they decide to sing again. But puzzled by last year experience, they start to quarrel over the gifts. Our three friends fall apart and they each go their own way.


Gust Van den Berghe

Jelle Palmaerts
Paul Mertens
Peter Janssens

Gust Van den Berghe

Hans Bruch jr.

Matthias Hillegeer

David Verdurme

Va Fan Fahre

Set decoration
Jørgen Hopmans

production :

Minds Meet
Kerkeveldstraat 103
1020 Laken – Bruxelles
Tél : +32 476 46 00 15

presse / publicist :

The PR Factory
21, rue des Myosotis
1180 Bruxelles
Gudrun Burie
Cell : +33 6 37 80 18 57
Barbara Van Lombeek
cell : +33 6 45 07 41 54

Title in Original Version : Petit bébé Jésus de Flandr