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52nd edition


Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 45


 » Lioubov  » (Love) describes the first emotions we all experienced when we fell in love and that others will experience one day. It recounts the first sexual experience, the first disappointment and the first break-up. The two main characters of the film are teenagers who are about to experience love for the first time during a party, secretly hoping they’ll meet the woman of their life. This is where the film starts. It is the beginning of two love stories, one of which will predominate. Vadim and Marina are about to experience a very sensual relation that will lead to marriage. As for Sasha, he will fall in love with a young Jewish girl, Masha, whose family is about to emigrate to Israel. Her family is constantly being threatened on the phone by anti-semites. The hero sets out to find the voice, this invisible force that obliges his beloved to leave…


Valeri Todorovski

He was born in Odessa in a family of filmmakers. He went to Moscou in 1972. In 1979, he entered the VGIK school in Moscou to study screenplay writing. He worked as a screenwriter; he wrote Gambrinus and Cyniques for example. In 1991, he directed his first feature film Lioubov, he had writen. This film was shown at The Directros’ Fortnight in 1992 and won the public prize and the CICAE. Katia Ismaïlova is his second full length film.

Dimitri Marianov
Evguéni Mironov
Natalia Petrova
Tatania Skorokhodov

Valéri Todorovski

I. Diomin

J. Kravetcky

A. Strelinikova

V. Nazarov

Set decoration
V. Safronov

PRODUCTION : TTL Films Studios Zodiaque Studios Gorki

Title in Original Version : L'Amour