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52nd edition

Liebe auf den ersten blick

Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 43


Zenon Bloch is an archeologist. After his wife died in a car crash, he settled down with his two children, Nicolaï and Joya, in a small 2-room apartment in South Berlin. As a result of the political events which occured in the ex-GDR, he finds himself unemployed. One day, he meets Elsa Süsseisen and her daughter Sophie, at a children’s playground. Elsa is a futurologist. She has chosen this profession in order to fight for a better world. At first sight, an erotic attraction sparks off between them…


Rudolf Thome

He was born in Wallau. He studied literature, philosophy and history in Münich and Bonn and worked as a film critic for Filmkritik, Film, Süddeutsche Zeitung for example. He made his first short film in 1964 and 6 more; in 1968 he directed a feature film, Detektive.

Geno Lechner
Julian Benedikt

Rudolf Thome

Sophie Maintigneux

Gunther Kortwich

Dörte Völz

Chico Hamilton

Set decoration
Martina Faust

PRODUCTION : Moana-Film GmbH VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Weltvertrieb Im Ferlag Der Autoren

Title in Original Version : Coup de foudre