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52nd edition


Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 1h33'


Unhappy women are being murdered by Emile, a psychotic young man suffering from the delusion that his acts are mercy killings. The detective assigned to track down the killer resorts to seriously unorthodox and even unethical methods to get his man. In one instance, he impersonates a psychologist on a TV show he and Emile appear on together and attempts to provoke Emile into revealing himself. This film’s cinematic style may be a kind of homage to the classic Fritz Lang thriller, M.


Paul Vecchiali

Born in 1930, Paul Vecchiali, « Cahiers du cinema » critic, actor and producer, has over the years created a highly original body of film that reflect his passions, the cinema of the 30s, the films of Douglas Sirk, Bresson and Hitchcock. Preoccupied with his independence, he has worked in a wide variety of genres: dramas verging on the fantastic, evocations of pornography and prostitution, and collaboration during World War Two.

Eva Simonet
Jacques Perrin
Julien Guiomar