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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Let Mrtve Ptice

Fortnight 1974, Feature film, 1h30


Between the ancient instinct to live together as a community, and the need to be alone to assert oneself as an individual, Man behaves in strange ways, sometimes rationally, sometimes with a total lack of logic. That’s what made me try and observe a village, this ancient way of life, and its inhabitants in this time of violent storm, doubts and negociations, consequences of the collapse of patriarcal values.
Victory in the name of the common good (here, the destruction of the plague) doesn’t mean that the community itself is victorious : the plague leaves the physical realm only to infect man’s soul. The plague is defeated and the crowd celebrates, but Man and his values start decomposing. As he lost the compass that allowed him to distinguish good from evil, he abandons the pedestal of stoical firmness to undertake a vagrant and meaningless cruise. Life dies, and only remains a nostalgic length of time. Death, and the memory of yesterday’s illusionary happiness will now fill every minute of our existence.
Zivojin Pavlovic


Zivojin Pavlovic

Born in 1933, the Yugoslavian writer and director Zivojin Pavlovic has graduated from the Art Academy. His films have been rewarded and selected worldwide : Silver Bear in Berlin in 1967 for « The Rats Woke Up », Karlovy Vary in 1968 for « When I Am Dead and Gone », Golden Lion in Venice in 1970 and Cidalc for « The Ambush », Berlin in 1971 and Cidalc for « Red Ears of Wheat ».

Arnold Tovornik
Joze Zupan
Jozica Avbelj
Majda Grbac
Peter Trnovsek
Polde Bibic
Rudi Kosnac

Branko Sömen

Miodrag Jaksic-Fandjo

Production : VIBA FILM

Title in Original Version : Le Vol De L'oiseau Mort