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52nd edition

L’Escadron Volapük

Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 100'


Comedy describing some of the ridicule of the French Army’s ways and with a political slant.


René Gilson

He was born in France. He grew up next to a mining basin. He settled down in Lens durng the war to be a teacher for 15 years. Then he went to Paris as a teacher. He became a film critic and a director after May 68 events. He had prepared this change. He had founded a film club in Lens. In 2008, he came back to Lens.

A. Thorent
Arz Maêl
Chr. Chardon
H. Bellon Livry
J. Richoux
Juliet Bertho
La fanfare des Beaux Arts
M-L. Chapiteau
M. Kherroubi
Marc Ogeret
Michel Delahaye
O. Hussenot

Extraits de marches militaires et de chansons populaires

Prod. René Gilson 208, av. du Maine Paris 14e