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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Les Soleils de l’’île de pâques

Fortnight 1972, Feature film,


An international group of travelers trek around the world, from France to Brazil and Chile and, finally, to Easter Island, where some of their number are chosen to meet aliens who resemble small suns. One man who was not chosen tags along uninvited. For punishment, he is given the task of guarding the site until the next visit, some 500 years hence. This talky film (in French) features fine travel footage.


Pierre Kast

He was born in Paris. He studied literature in La Sorbonne and became an assistant-director (Jean Renoir, Preston Sturges). He was member of the Resistance movement. In 1950, he worked with Jean Grémillon for his first short film and directed many others in the 50’s. He was a film critic for Les Cahiers du cinéma and founded with others the student cine club in 1945. He headed the French film institute with Henri Langlois. He wrote novels. His first feature film is a fantastic movie. In 1958, he directed Le Bel Âge that directly describes his work in auteur cinema. He died in 1984.