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52nd edition

Les Pinces à linge

Fortnight 1998, Short film, 23 m


« The failure is the gaze of other people. » Alban is blind. Between home and school, he has organised his life to make things seem nor-mal. He plays up his handicap with irony, his lust for life is stronger than everything else. A camera he has won at school brings home the fact that certain aspects of life are inaccessible to him. He will have to master them, even reinvent them so that they play a role in his inner life.


Joël Brisse

Born in France, he studied in the Fine Arts School of Clermont-Ferrand. Painter and sculptor, he often has expositions in France and abroad. He is the co-writer of Reste and Eau Douce, by Marie Vermillard. His first short film, Les pinces à linge, received many awards in differen festivals. He recently was preparing a medium lenght film.

Canaan Marguerite
Elie Tazartes
Elodie Da Roza
Isabelle Nyssen
Natacha Laborde
Serge Chevalier
Tristan Bonnargent

Pascal Lagriffoul

Olivier Le Vacon

Catherine Krassowski


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