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52nd edition

Les Oeillets Rouges D’avril

Fortnight 1975, Feature film, 60mn


The film tries to answer questions asked to the observers since the 25th of April 1975 Coup. It allows the main people involved to express themselves : the Army, the leaders the farmers, the workers and even agents of the political police : the P.I.D.E., which represents pretty much what Gestapo was for France.
We have tried to understand why these agents are treated with many attentions by both the military and the political leaders. Two agents of the armed forces movement explain why the army went against its tradition, as it’s usually siding with the conservatives.
Leaders of important political organizations are telling about their doubts in the future of Portugal as it cannot be easily controlled in the present economic crisis.
But what seemed really innovative and lively to us was all that came from fishermen, farmers, workers for whom the fight for emancipation begins now, as they find out in self-administration a way to organize themselves – as Spanish workers and farmers had in 1936.
Véra Belmont


Véra Belmont

Born in 1931, Véra Belmont began as an actress in TV series of the 1950’s such as « Les cinq dernières minutes ». She then starts to produce films such as Paul Vecchiali’s « Les Ruses du Diable » and José Giovanni first long feature « La loi du survivant ». In 1970, she produces with François Truffaut « La Faute de l’abbé Mouret », then Maurice Pialat’s first film « L’Enfance nue » and in 1974, « Un condé ». With her production company STEPHAN FILMS, she finances in 1975 André Téchiné’s first long feature « Souvenirs d’en France »; she supports too Jean-Jacques Annaud’s « La Guerre du feu ». As a filmmaker, she first directs « Les oeillets rouges d’Avril », and then in 1977 her first long feature « Prisonniers de Mao ».

Jean-Marie Estève, Philippe Gueroult

Production : STEPHAN FILMS (Paris) / DOPER FILMS (Lisbonne)