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52nd edition

Les Fruits De La Passion

Fortnight 1981, Feature film,


I did not want to make a realistic film. Rather I imagined the story of this mentally retarded girl and her father somewhat  like those wicked German tales, recounted by the brothers Grimm: violent colors, devilish events, poisoned dreams images. The landscape of those dark villages where the story takes lace, is familiar to me since my childhood. I have a very precise memory of it. To-day the frontier spreads tearings asunder moutains, forests, meadows and rivers. And on this frontier, which amputantes our country, houses, trees and roads fall into disreapair as if it was the end of time. Tankred DORST


Shuji Terayama

Sh?ji Terayama was born in 1935 in Hirosaki, Japan. He was an avant-garde Japanese poet, dramatist, writer, film director, and photographer. According to many critics and supporters, he was one of the most productive and provocative creative artists to come out of Japan : he published more than 200 books and directed some 20 films (short and long features). His work, often experimental and crude, testify of an artistic activism with various influences from Antonin Artaud or Bertolt Brecht to Federico Fellini and Lautréamont. In Europe and in the United States, he is mostly know for his cinéma, while in Japan he is considered more as a poet and playwright. He died in May 1983 in Tokyo.