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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Les contes sauvages

Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 30


In the reckless world of wild animals, there is compassion. When the leopard meets the gazelle, when the cobra meets the varan, when the bear meets the salmon, when the eagle meets an antilope, the horizon is disrupted, the strong eats the weak. These are some of the “Contes sauvages” (Wild Tales), beautiful and terrible, gathered in this film. But the film has also its stories of sheer beauty, lit up by the grace of deers, the cheerfulness of bears, the strength of buffalos, the elegance of pink flamingos, the funniness of walruses. All these animals live free over millions of square miles stretching from the north to the south of the Russian soil, from the hot desert to the Artic ice fields, huge natural reserves where endangered species are preciously preserved. This is where filmed, from very close, so close that you sometimes fell like holding out your hand to stroke them.


Gérald Calderon

He directed numerous films for TV and cinema, most of them about animals. He had short films shown in festivals of Berlin and Venice. His feature films were also selected in such festivals.

Jean-Charles Cuttoli

Frédéric Rossif’s assistant and co-director in so many cinema or TV films, like Georges Braque ou le temps différent (which represented France in Hollywood), La fête sauvage, and Sauvage et beau.

Daniel Barrau

Jean Umanski

Dominique Caseneuve


PRODUCTION : Miroirs Ciné 5 VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Les Film 26