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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020


Fortnight 1992, Short film, 24 mn


Léa is 13. Getting bored in her suburban life, she makes up stories, especially when she is late for school. One day, she tells her teacher that her stepfather died as an excuse for being late for the French class. The day he actually dies, Léa starts to worry for good…


Christophe Debuisne

He was born in France. He studied cinema in Paris and graduated in Louis Lumière School ( photgraphy department ). In 1984, he directed a documentary, Si j’avais les ailes d’un ange, and in 1986 he made a short fictional film, Two Late. Première image was his second short film.

Aurélie Guillou
Betty Berr
Catherine Retoré
Christiane Ludo

Delphine Dunoye, rChristophe Debuisne

Philippe Théaudière

Jean-Marc Schick

Anne-Marie Leduc

Olivier Lecoeur, Philippe Moriveau

Set decoration
Dominique beaucamps, Michèle Diani

PRODUCTION : Le Jour/La Nuit Productions