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52nd edition

Le Trou de la corneille

Fortnight 1992, Short film, 14 mn


Winter of 1917. Somewhere on the French front. In a trench, a man on the look-out. This young officer, Victor, is in charge of an isolated platoon and is anxiously waiting for the relief to come… To trick his fear, he tries to reassure his men. However, the relief will never make it to the trench. During the night, while Victor tries to rest in his secluded shelter, the platoon is attacked by the enemy. When he wakes up at dawn, everything is already over.


François Hanss

He studied fine arts and entered the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français. He made a short film, Poursuite. He was assistant director on advertising, short films and feature films; he also was assistant on single films and clips. He became director on documentaries, reports for example. He was diector of the second team for Le Brasier, of Eric Barbier.

Alain Jarrig
Lucien Jérôme
Marc Duret
Thierry Fortineau

Marie-Odile Hanss

Darius Khondji

Vincent Tulli

Catherine Rascon

Dmitri Chostakovitch

Set decoration
Philippe Caspari

PRODUCTION / VENTE A L’ETRANGER : François Hanss Productions