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52nd edition

Le Rocher d’Acapulco

Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 1 h 15


Sandrine dreams of becoming a singer in Paris. For the moment, she works as a salesgirl at Tati’s and lives in a low grade hotel, closely watched by Ahmed, the night watchman. She meets Gérald, the former boyfriend of her brother, who has left him to travel the world, hoping for a new ideal of life. Gérald convinces her to come and live in his apartment, and decides he will take care of Sandrine’s future. He sets up erotic rendez-vous for her, takes her to the clients, and waits for her. On every meeting, Gérald questions her a little more. Until the day he walks into the apartment of one these “clients ».


Laurent Tuel

When he was 23, he directed his first short film, Célest, and participated in the production company La Vie est belle Films Associés. Le rocher d’Acapulco is his first feature film.

Antoine Chappey
Howard Vernon
Jean-Max Causse
Jérôme Estienne
Margot Abascal
Simon Reggiani
Tara Gano
Zinnedine Soualem

Laurent Tuel

Stéphane Krausz

Jean-Luc Audy

Pascale Berson

David Korn et Aléxis Pécharman

Set decoration
Betty Martin

Production : La Vie est Belle, Paris, France Vente à l’étranger : Pyramide, Paris, France