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52nd edition

Le Révélateur

Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 68'


4-year-old child is the element from and around which the action develops, and brings sentiments and emotions to light. The French word « révélateur »/developper describes the product to develop or « reveal » film negatives.)


Philippe Garrel

Philippe Garrel directed his first film Marie pour mémoire in 1967. Influenced by Jean-Luc Godard and the Velvet Underground, he directed Nico, the Rock icon, in the cult film La Cicatrice intérieure, in 1971. He has directed more than 25 films, which often relate to the youth of the 60’s protest, to which he belonged.

Bernadette Lafont
Laurent Terzieff
Stanislas Robiolles

Michel Fournier