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52nd edition

Le Nain rouge

Fortnight 1998, Feature film, 1 h 42


« I have decided to grow up and to be rewarded a hundred times over all that life always forbid me to do. » Lucien L’Hotte is a small man in his thirties. He is a conscientious clerk in a large law firm where he assiduously writes up vile and incriminating letters for divorce cases. Unable to consider marriage for himself, he puts a particularly vindictive delight in destroying the marriages of others. Nevertheless, one sweltering afternoon, encouraged by the voluptuous singer Paola Bendoni, a wealthy client from his office, he dares the gestures of love that his infirmity have kept under wrap for so long. Then begins insidiously the redemption of evil by grace…


Yvan Le Moine

He was born in the South of France. He had different jobs before he founded Poids Plume Cinema, a cinema review. He animated the Café dEdgar, in Paris, and two cinemas, Le Rivoli, In Paris, and the Actor’s Studio, in Brussels. He studied cinema in INSAS and IAD where he directed 5 short films like 1,28m au-dessus du niveau de la mer, awarded in Mons, Montreal and Tel Aviv for example. In 1992, he produced a feature film Les 7 péchés capitaux, shown in the Semaine de la Critique. Le Nain rouge is his first feature film, based on Michel Tournier’s novel Coq de bruyère.

Anita Ekberg
Arno Chevrier
Carlo Colombaioni
Dyna Gauzy
Jean-Yves Thual
Michel Peyrelon

Yvan Le Moine, librement adapté d’une nouvelle de Michel Tournier

Danny Elsen

Pierre Mertens

Urszula Lesiak

Alexis Scheliguine, Daniel Brandt

Set decoration
Philippe Graff

Production : A.A. Les Films Belges, 606 Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 1180 Bruxelles, Belgique, Tél. : (32 2) 343 06 65 Fax : (32 2) 343 58 99 E mail : – Mainstream S.A. (France) – Classic S.r.l. (Italie) – Parma Film (France) Vente à l’étranger : A.A. Les Films Belges – Mainstream S.A. (contact : Dominique Orsini & Hengameh Panahi), 34 rue Poncelet, 75017 Paris, France, Tél. : (33) 1 44 40 05 55 Fax : (33) 1 47 63 07 62 Distribué en France par : Rezo Films, 29 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 Paris, Tél : 01 42 46 46 30 Fax : 01 42 46 40 82