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52nd edition

Le Dieu Saturne

Fortnight 2004, Short film, 40 mn.


Laurent comes to visit his father not far from Bethune. But his father, who lives a hermit’s life deep in the woods, has only one thing on his mind: to do away with his six children in order to relieve them of the miseries of life. Welcomed at the Caboche farm where his brother Frederic works (Frederic advises him not to try to see their father), Laurent is delighted to see hardy 81 year old Alfred again. The gods are not far off, and, despite all, the pleasures of existence too.


Jean-Charles Fitoussi

Born in Tours in 1979, Jean-Charles Fitoussi studied architecture, science and philosophy. In 1994, he produced and directed his first short, Aura été, which was shown at the Locarno Film Festival in 1997. A contributor to Lettre du cinema, he worked as assistant to Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet and made a documentary about their work, Sicilia! si gira. In 2002, he directed his first feature, the prize-winning Les Jours où je n’existe pas.

Alfred Caboche
Christelle Prot
Frédéric Bonpart
Jean-Claude Passera
Laurent Talon
Pierre Léon

Jean-Charles Fitoussi

Sébastien Buchmann

Jérôme Ayasse, Jean-Pierre Laforce

Valérie Loiseleux

Gioacchino Rossini

Production : Les Films Hatari 40, rue de Paradis 75010 Paris France tél : +33 (0)1 40 22 01 40 fax : +33 (0)1 40 22 01 39 co-Production : Aura été productions (France) Arte (France) ventes à l’étranger : Les Films Hatari presse : Dimitri Larcher mob: +33 (0)6 61 75 71 61

Title in Original Version : The God Saturn