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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Le Diable Au Coeur

Fortnight 1976, Feature film, 1h45


What seems important to me in nowadays society is to try and understanf how daily compromises and surrenders of principle make us live on the edge of schizophrenia.
How much can you compromise and still live your own personal fantasies ? That’s the issue adressed by the characters played by Birkin and Spiesser, each in his own way. They embody in fact the positive side and the negative side of the same refusal attitude.
By opposing them, putting them face to face, they bear enough contradictions for them to burst on the screen and to create conflicts. I wanted this film as violent as possible without forgetting the seriousness of the essential topics : love, game, death.


Bernard Queysanne

Born in 1944, Bernard Queysanne started working as an assistant director, assistant editor, set photographer and production manager on numerous films of Georges Franju, Philippe Labro, Robert Enrico, Serge Korber. At the same time, he directed several short films, then in 1974 his first long feature, « Un homme qui dort », co-directed with Georges Perec and won the Jean Vigo award.

Jacques Spiesser
Jane Birkin

Pierre-Jean Rémy, Bernard Queysanne

Bernard Zitzermann

Andrée Daventure

Laurent Petit-Girard

Production : DOVIDIS (Pierre Neurrisse)