52nd edition

Le Caire

Fortnight 1991, Short film, 23mn


Love Cairo. So deeply that when I am asked «why», I am at a loss of words. The most serene moments of my life, the most poignant verse I know … «How do I love thee, let me count the ways?» It is your untold vestiges? Overwelming, but again… Your life-giving Nile ? Your blazing sun ? Doubtless, and yet … As e frenchman loves Paris ? Of course. But you see, it is the people that I love, not stones. I like their kindness, their sense of humor. Granted, the Egyptian people are religious. But certainly not fanatic. Effortless, they combine sensuality and spirituality. A mixed marriage. It takes two to love. If not more. Otherwise how could I love 22 million people at the same time ? An entire capital. I like those who can include others in their own lives. People sharing a tiny space learn to deal with others. To understand them. And espacially to love them. To live them.


Youssef Chahine

Tarek Telmessani et Samir Bahsan

Dominique Hennequin

Rachida Abdel Salam

Set decoration
Sami Rafé


Production : Misr International Films au Caire ; Miroirs à Paris Vente à l’étranger : Misr International Films