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52nd edition

Le Bleu des villes

Fortnight 1999, Feature film, 1h45


Solange and her husband lead a quiet life in a provincial town. Mylene, Solange’s childhood friend, who is now a TV weather girl, is in town to sign her book. They spend an evening together : dinner, a drink in a nightclub and a few confidences. When Mylene has gone back to Paris, Solange realizes that life is passing her by. She had dreams of being a singer, she is in fact a traffic warden. Her costume is a uniform and her audience the drivers who insult her. Her existence suddenly seems very dull, her husband is too normal and her job too degrading. Is it too late to change her life ?


Stéphane Brizé

He first experimented with theater, before realizing that film is his ideal form of expression. Studied electronics before he decided to write and direct. « Je Ne Suis Pas La Pour Etre Aimé » (« Not There to be Loved ») was presented at the 2006 City of Lights City of Angels Festival. « Lemony Snicket » director Brad Silberling interviewed him in an engaging Q&A to a packed DGA theater audience.

Antoine Chappey
Florence Vignon
Mathilde Seigner

Florence Vignon, Stéphane Brizé

Jean-Claude Larrieu

Frédéric de Ravignan

Anne Klotz

Steve Naïve

Set decoration
Valérie Saradjian

Production : Milena Poylo, Gilles Sacuto, TS Productions, 73 rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, 75006 Paris, France, Tél. : 33 (0)1 53 10 24 00, Fax : 33 (0)1 43 26 92 23 vente à l’étranger : Flach Pyramide International, 5 rue Richepanse, 75008 Paris, France, Tél. : 33 (0)1 42 96 02 20, Fax : 33 (0)1 40 20 05 51


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