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52nd edition

L’Autre côté de la mer

Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 29


Paris, summer 1994. Georges Montero, the owner of an olive oil mill in Oran, is a pied noir (Algerian-born Frenchman) who chose to remain in Algeria after its independence in 1962. Today, Georges comes to France for the first time in his life for a cataract operation – at the very moment that civil war is just beginnig to take its bloody toll back home. His friend, Belka, a recent emigrant, tries to persuade him to remain in France. Behind his back, he has arranged the sale of George’s mill in Oran. His surgeon, Tarek Timzert, ophtalmologist in a major Paris hospital, is an assimilated Arab who has cut himself off from his Algerian roots. The contact between the pied noir and this tradition-blind Arab brings Georges to make a decision between remaining in France or going home to Oran, at peace with himself but at his own risk. As for Tarek, he will sort a few things out…


Dominique Cabrera

She was born in Algeria. She moved to France in 1962 and graduated in litterature and studied at the film school IDHEC. She edited news for local TV channels. She founded a production company, the Ergonaute, to make films on trade-union or political actions. She made short films and two feature films; then she directed medium length documentaries for TV.

Abbès Zahmani
Antoinette Moya
Ariane Ascaride
Catherine Hiegel
Claude Brasseur
Fattouma Ousliha Bouamari
Marilyne Canto
Marthe Villalonga
Roschdy Zem
Slimane Benaïssa

Dominique Cabrera, Louis Mathieu de Vienne, Nidam Abdi

Héléne Louvart

Xavier Griette, Dominique Vieillard, Dominique Gaborieau

Sophie Brunet

Béatrice Thiriet

Set decoration
Michel Vandestien

PRODUCTION : Bloody Mary Productions 124, rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris Tél. : 01 42 56 10 70 Fax : 01 42 56 10 71 France 2 Cinéma VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Claudia Rae-Colombani, Art Box Productions 18, rue Marignan, 75008 Paris Tél. : 01 53 53 07 55 Fax : 01 45 61 27 97