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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

L’autre Célia

Fortnight 1992, Short film, 22 mn


Lucien lives on his own on a furnished flat. He works at home and spends all his time on his favorite activity: spying on the others tenants. He watches their comings and goings and takes advantage of their absence to break into their rooms. He opens the cupboards, the drawers, the bags and cases, searches the pocket and goes through their mail… For this shy and lonely man, this “pathological” curiosity is maybe a way to deal with the outside world. It fills him with a certain jubilation and harms nobody. Until, one day, Célia arrives…


Irène Jouannet

She studied literature and started in cinema as an assistant on short films and floor manager on Michel Mitrani’s film Une mère russe. She wrote various screenplays and directed a feature film, L’intrus, as well as a short film, Final. L’autre Célia is her second short film.

Jill Lucas
Roland Amstutz
Viviane Luca

Irène Jouannet, d’après la nouvelle de Théodore Sturgeon “l’Autre Célia”

Sache Vierny

Pierre Camus

Rodolfo Wedeles

Dominique de Williemcourt

Set decoration
Thierry Flamand