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52nd edition

Las Cruces

Fortnight 2018, Short film, 29 min
World premiere


Las Cruces is a poor neighborhood of Bogotá. By following some of these inhabitants, we plunge with them into an intense world where violence meets hope and joy.


Nicolas Boone

Nicolas Boone comes from the Écoles des beaux-arts in Lyon and Paris. He then directs a number of medium-lenght and short films that will make him known throughout the world.

« Junior » Julian Acevedo
Ernesto Chavez
Jamir Villanueva
Juan Mauricio Alvarez
Lobsan Adolfo Alonso
Sara Gonzalez

Nicolas Boone, Julien Guetta
Sofia Oggioni
Oscar Mendez, Thomas Fourel
Production design
Romain Flizot
Philippe Rouy

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75647 Paris Cedex 13 – France
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