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52nd edition

Lars Ole, 5C

Fortnight 1974, Feature film, 1h27


This film takes place during the long behond us school years. It is seen with the eyes of memory. My intention was to conjure up the memories of the school playground, the hallways and the classrooms, the feeling of its smells and noises. From all those chidren, I will draw the eternal image of the classroom.
But as we get to know more about this particular individual and discover what’s underneath appearances, I’m going to reveal the starkness of 12 year old kids’ life. I’m going to tell the uncertainty, the inferiority complex and the constant struggle for acceptance. I’m going to show a world where friendships are bought and sold, if anything is won.
And I will tell the tales of first loves – when the girls are either as far as a dream, either so close that it gets embarrassing. This is what I’m going to tell and I want to show this child as his nature and his current situation is to be seen in his eyes, for a brief instant.
Nils Malmros


Nils Malmrös

Born in 1944 in Aarhus, Denmark, he studies medecine before directing. His first feature, « A Strange Romance », inspired from Truffaut’s « Jules and Jim » and directed without a lot of means, received lukewarm critics. This experience was quite important though, and help him in the making of « Lars Ole, 5C ».

Sören Rasmussen

Nils Malmrös

Erik Nygaard

Production : NILS MALMROS

Title in Original Version : Lars Ole, Classe de 5e C