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52nd edition


Fortnight 1970, Short film, 10'


In Le Labyrinthe, Piotr Kamler fluidly combines the Alexieieff pinscreen, drawn art, physical animation, rotoscoping, and multiple exposures-sometimes dozens of layers deep. Kamler’s films are very rarely screened, and we are pleased to present an excellent print at Heavy Visuals ’69.
The impressive original electronic score is by Bernard Parmegiani, one of the great tape music and acousmatic composers, mentored by Pierre Schaeffer himself.


Piotr Kamler

He is a French director born in Varsovia. He graduated in the Fine Arts Academy of Varsovie. He went to Paris to continue studying fine arts. He worked with musicians like Xenakis, Bayle, Malec and directed short films; he used to work for the ORTF ( publicly owned broadcasting organization ). He lives both in France and in Poland. He works with an home made animation set, alone from conception to editing. Music is the only way he has connexions. He won awards in various international festivals.