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52nd edition

La Vis

Fortnight 1993, Short film, 18 mn


Mr. K is very good with hands. He is kept busy building a UFO (in French: Voluntarily Unidntified Object). He was about to stick the sharpened strip of his screwdriver into a screw, when he realized there was no slot in it. How horrible and disappointing. After an unforgettable dispute with his wife, he decided to go and flight with the General Administration of the State Department Stores of the Non Ferrous Metal…


Didier Flamand

He is an actor; he worked for TV and cinema with directors such as Jean Marboeuf, Luis Bunuel, Marguerite Duras, Bertrand Van Effetere and Coline Serreau. He also worked in theater. He creates and directs shows; he also writes and directs plays. La Vis is his first short film.

Jean Reno
Maïté Nahyr
Vernon Dobtchef

Didier Flamand

Agnès Godard

Jean-Louis Ughetto

Monica Coleman

Set decoration
Thierry Flamand

PRODUCTION : Perla Films La Sept Cinema Films Mindif VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Perla Films Baccara Productions