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52nd edition

La Tecnica E Il Rito

Fortnight 1972, Feature film, 80'



Miklos Jancso

Miklós Jancsó first studied Law at the University of Kolozsvar and later direction at the School of Cinema in Budapest. His fifth film, _Szegénylegények (1965)_, with a script by Gyula Hernádi, made him internationally known. In his following films he developed a personal style of historic analysis, complex camera movements, dance and popular songs, creating his own style for the movies he called « political musical ». This gave him a broad acceptance in the 1960s. In the 1970s he also filmed in Italy, but did not have the success he was used to.

Adalberto Maria Merli
Anna Zinnemann
Brizio Montinaro
Emilio Bonucci
Fabio Gamma
Francesco Ferrini
Jozsef Madaras
Luigi Diberti
Luigi Montini
Marco Guglielmi
Marzio Margine
Piero Faggioni
Sergio Enria

Giovana Gagliardo

Prod : Studio “D”
Via Baiamonti 4

Title in Original Version : La Technique Et Le Rite