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52nd edition

La Promesse

Fortnight 1996, Feature film, 1 h 30


Igor, a teenager of 15, shares his time between building a kart with his friends and working at his father Roger’s construction company, which hires illegal immigrants. To Igor, his father’s schemes are part of the normal order of things, some sort of evil within the innocence of his age… Igor suddenly loses his innocence the day he and his father leave Hamidou, an African immigrant, for dead, after he fell from a scaffolding. But before he dies, Hamidou asks Igor to promise him he’ll protect his wife Assita and his son Igor. Igor promises, without his father’s knowing. Igor soon wakes up to moral consciousness, torn between fear, filial faithfulness and the promise he made. Assita, who has not been told about her husband’s death, keeps waiting for him and refuses to go back to her country…


Jean-Pierre Dardenne

He was born in Belgium. He studied acting and was Armand Gati’s assistant. In 1975, he founded with his brother the production company Dérives; they produced more than 50 documentaries for european TV channels. He is in charge of a workshop in the University of Liège. In 1984, he founded, still with his brother, Les Films du Fleuve.

Luc Dardenne

He was born in Belgium. He graduated in philosophy. He was Armand Gatti’s assistant for Nous étions tous des noms d’abres. Since 1990, he’s been in charge of a screen writing in the University of Bruxelles. La Promesse is his third feature film, co-directed with his brother.

Assita Ouedraogo
Jérémie Renier
Olivier Gourmet
Rasmané Ouedraogo

Luc et Jean-Pierre Dardenne

Alain Marcoen

Jean-Pierre Duret

Marie-Hélène Dozo

Jean-Marie Billy, Denis M’Punga

Set decoration
Igor Gabriel

PRODUCTION : Les Films du Fleuve 4 quai Churchill, 4020 Liège, Belgique Tél. : (32-41) 42 49 39 Fax : (32-41) 42 66 98 RTBF Dérives Touza Productions (France) Samsa Film (Luxembourg) Touza Films (Tunisie) ERTT (Télévision tunisienne) VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Jeanine Seawell 45, rue Piere Charon, 75008 Paris Tél. : 01 47 20 18 73 Fax : 01 47 20 15 43


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