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52nd edition

La Muerte De Sebastian Arache Y Su Pobre Entierro

Fortnight 1977, Feature film, 1h48


« La Muerte de Sebastian Arache » is not a direct film. Its apparent symbolism is based on this idea and although its context is allusive, I had no intention to generalize about a situation of domination and submission. I allowed myself liberties in the narration, in order to find an original way of expression. I do not mean a personal style, though this, without being a deliberate purpose, is implicit in almost every movie. I sought a particular style of expression, a style that would be culturally valid and would lead to ideological questions concerning a given country and defined by a precise reality. As a theme, « La Muerte de Sebastian Arache » is an allegory heavy with fatality. That is all I can say about a film which should not have taken so much time to make, with a lot of hesitations and yet with always the same intention : that movies be the discovery of things and events. Nicolas SARQUIS


Nicolas Sarquis

Born in Buenos Aires in 1938, Nicolas Sarquis studied cinema at the University of the Littoral. From 1965 to 1970, he taught stage direction and history of the cinema and was director’s assistant in numerous films before he directed his first long feature « Paolo y Hueso » who, according to the argentinian critics, starts a new trend in the national cinema. His last project about the « caudillo » Juan Facundo Quiroga was stopped after two years of preparation in 1977.

Augusto Kretschmar
Héctor Posadas
Luisa Vehil
Raùl Del Valle

Haroldo Conti, Luis Priamo, Nicolàs Sarquis

Jorge Ruiz, Andrès Silvart

Enrique Muzio, Vicente Castagno

José Luis Castineira de Dios


Title in Original Version : La Mort De Sebastian Arache Et Son Pauvre Enterrement