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52nd edition

La lotta

Fortnight 2018, Short film, 16 min
World premiere


It is a sunny day on the river Trebbia. In the distance a patrol of German soldiers is approaching: they are nazis, guns blazing. It seems like they are chasing somebody. Tonino is the fugitive, a partisan with nothing left to do but dive into the river. This river will bring him to his real life.


Marco Bellocchio

From teenage rebellion to religious institutions to political subversion, the films of Italian director Marco Bellocchio have explored the social and political contradictions of his country. His prolific 50-year career has been closely intertwined with the complexities and discrepancies of Italian history.

Barbara Ronchi
Fabrizo Falco
Ione Bertola

Marco Bellocchio
Daniele Ciprì
Riccardo Milani
Production design
Andrea Castorina
Giorgio Cristiano
Nicola Piovani

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