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52nd edition

La Hora De Los Ninos

Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 65'


This offbeat tale finds parents searching for a baby-sitter for their young son. They manage to locate a sitter who is a clown in maniacal makeup. After tickling the boy in a suggestive manner, the parents leave and the clown tells the story of Snow White then goes off to read. But after the young boy pesters him into reading the newspaper to him, he tells a harrowing tale of a shipwreck before the boy falls asleep. The clown later wakes up the boy to ask where his parents have put his pay and says that he has to leave for another job. When he discovers there is no pay, he removes a picture from the wall, removes his makeup and leaves. The boy watches as the man waits downstairs for the rainstorm to pass so he may leave.


Arturo Ripstein

Arturo Ripstein began his career as assistant director (unbilled) of Luis Buñuel in Ángel exterminador, El (1962). His father, Alfredo Ripstein, Jr. produced his first film, a western written by Gabriel García Márquez titled Tiempo de morir (1965). Ripstein filmography is very praised in Mexico and Europe. He is considered the best Mexican director alive. Many of his films are related with an unique subject: the loneliness of souls. So, his style re flects his main concerns. Ripstein’s films are somber, slow and depressive.

Bebi Pecanius
Carlo Nieto
Carlos Savage
Marta Zamora

Pedro Miret

Title in Original Version : L'heure des enfants